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Shares Gain Over the Past Full-Year: NVE Corporation (NASDAQ:NVEC)

Tracking some historical stock price data for NVE Corporation (NASDAQ:NVEC), we note that performance has been positive over the last 52-week period. During that time, the stock has risen 19.01%. The investing community will be tracking stock performance over the next few quarters to gauge if the upward trend is likely to continue. Investors have a few distinct options when […]

52-Week Price Spotter: Tracking Shares of ATA Inc. (NASDAQ:ATAI)

Shares of ATA Inc. (NASDAQ:ATAI) have rallied over the past year. After a recent scan, we can see that the stock has posted a gain of 74.18% over that period of time. Investors will be intently watching to see if shares will continue to charge forward over the next 52-weeks. Investors have a few distinct options when approaching the stock […]

Trading Check: PPO Reading Above the Signal Line on Shares of Armour Residential R (ARR)

The Percentage Price Oscillator is above the signal line on shares of Armour Residential R (ARR). Traders watching these levels may be looking for the stock to be gaining bullish momentum. Investing in the stock market can be highly challenging. Most investors have the same intentions of trying to maximize profits from investment capital. Realizing that there are many unknowns […]

Market Update: Taking a Peek at Shares of Agree Realty Corporation (NYSE:ADC)

Investors may be looking at shares of Agree Realty Corporation (NYSE:ADC) with renewed interest over the past few trading sessions. After a recent scan, the stock has been seen trading near the $66.22 level. Staying on top of the equity market can be difficult. Knowing what information is important and how to interpret that information can be the difference between […]

Analyst Views on This Stock: ManTech International Corporation (NASDAQ:MANT)

Tracking recent action on shares of ManTech International Corporation (NASDAQ:MANT) we have noted that the stock price has been spotted trading around $58.64. Investors may be closely following price activity on the stock over the next few trading periods. Investors will be trying to gauge which way market momentum will trend as we move into the close of the calendar […]

Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:SNDX) Steadying Above Moving Averages

Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:SNDX) shares are holding above their moving averages, indicating a postitive uptrend for Healthcare company. Investing in the stock market will always involve some level of risk. Investors often have to determine how much they are willing to risk, and try to project what the potential reward could be. Taking on too much risk may put the average […]

American Midstream Partners, LP (NYSE:AMID) Trending Above The Moving Averages

Shares of American Midstream Partners, LP (NYSE:AMID) are hovering above their moving averages, indicating a postitive uptrend for the firm. Investors may be thinking about how to best approach the markets at present levels. Many investors may feel like they have missed the boat during the bull run. It may be a case of missed trades or being too conservative, but a […]