Respect for religion

What is happening to Israelis’ respect for religion and tradition? While they might not be indicative of a larger trend, two recent videos raise our concern. The first was a segment on the prime-time, hit Israeli satirical show Eretz Nehederet. The actor who impersonated Education Minister Naftali Bennett was shown wearing tefillin on his head that mimicked the ponytails of […]

Israel’s winning strategy against Hamas

MK Haim Jelin (Yesh Atid) recently expressed a frustration shared by policymakers, strategists and anyone following the ongoing longstanding conflict between Israel and the terrorist groups Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in Gaza. “What is the strategy for Gaza?’ asked Jelin during a live interview for Channel 2 news, the morning after the largest flare-up between Israel and Gaza […]

The moral test of Israel and the world

Israel has been for many weeks under attack from tens of thousands of demonstrators, so-called innocent civilians – in fact thousands of “human bombs.” This is an updated version of a satanic weapon the Palestinians were the first to introduce to the Middle East, in the year 2000. These attempts to breach the fences which defend Israel are not peaceful […]

What the human cell can teach us about the controversial Jerusalem move

Each human cell has innumerable protein channels on its surface. These channels help transport molecules in and out of the cell. One can define these channels as intra-cellular (inside the cell), reflecting the cell’s inner content. Yet, one can equally well consider them extra-cellular (outside the cell) as they directly interact with the surroundings of the cell, allowing sensing of […]

The Netanyahu era and the transformation of the Israeli economy

In 2004, then finance minister Benjamin Netanyahu started the revival of the Israeli economy. During that time, as in any democracy a number of voices were raised against his aggressive free-market push and economic reforms. Some said that Netanyahu would not be able to change the mindset of those who believed that the government should solve their problems, not the […]

GRAPEVINE: Just a word in the dictionary

What happens when you’re a retired chief rabbi blessed with both eloquence and energy? If your name happens to be Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, retirement is nothing more than a word in your dictionary. His lordship is very much in demand as a public speaker and as a radio and television interviewee or commentator – and not just in his […]

Ilaiyaraja proves that the best is not always found in Bollywood

Broadly speaking, anything Indian — food, music, clothes, cinema — always tends to mean a sort of standard north Indian, generic Hindi-ish thing. Like curry (whatever that may be), there is something about the mainstream that is mostly Hindi-speaking and definitely belongs to a region in India that can only be classified as north. This is as true within India […]