The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is the book grownups most want to reread

Childhood classic, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis has been crowned the children’s book the nation’s grown-ups most want to read again. The fantasy novel, first published in 1950, beat titles such as Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden, The Railway Children, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Animal Farm, which all appeared in the top […]

Rubble the oldest cat in Britain has just celebrated his 30th birthday

Rubble the cat has just celebrated his 30th birthday – making him one of the oldest felines in the world, and Britain’s oldest cat. Rubble, who lives with owner Michele Heritage, celebrated his birthday with a party at a vets in Exeter, Devon. He was treated to some of his favourite cat food and a free checkup to mark the […]

Here’s what it’s like to get a bespoke fragrance made by the Queen’s perfumer

Have you ever wondered what the Queen smells like? I’m talking about her fragrance, obviously.  Me neither. That is, until I set foot inside Floris, the perfumer to the Queen based in London’s St James. At present, it holds two royal warrants – one from the Queen as perfumers and one from the Prince of Wales as manufacturers of toilet preparations. […]

Why are plus-size maternity clothes so hard to find?

As we all know, buying clothes is harder for plus-size women.  Yes, of course there are places which make amazing plus clothing, but it’s sometimes more expensive, and lots of brands still don’t offer anything in terms of clothing over a size 14. And, even more frustratingly, even those places with a great plus range seem to have a bit […]

Eating less meat & dairy is officially the best way to help the planet

If you consider yourself a friend to the planet then the best thing you can do is skip meat and dairy, experts say.  New research shows that if we got rid of meat and dairy consumption, farmland all over the world would be reduced by more than 75% – which is like the USA, China, and Australia all put together, […]

Men share what they think about to delay ejaculation

Usually reaching orgasm is considered a very good thing. But sometimes it happens a little sooner than you’d prefer, either out of a penchant for delayed gratification or a worry that you’re not lasting long enough. In those moments there’s the scramble to delay, delay, delay. What do you do to stop the speeding train? What do you think of […]

Cadbury launches Flake, Crunchie and Caramel tarts for £2

Cadbury has released its own selection of tarts, and they come in , Caramel and flavours. The miniature tarts come as a pack of four and they cost £2. The Crunchie tarts are pastry cases with a honeycomb flavour sponge filling, topped with a chocolate and honeycomb flavour icing and decorated with milk chocolate honeycomb pieces. Yum. Then, there’s the […]