EMA Under Review for Invesco China Technology ETF (:CQQQ): 20 Day is Now 43.372818

In today’s financial world, hot stock tips are abundant. There is always someone trying to talk about the next big breakout stock. Investing in the stock market is inherently risky, but some stocks may be much riskier than others. It may be important to remember that everyone is quick to talk about their stock picks that were winners, but they may be very hesitant to disclose their losers. One way to sift through the sea of stock advice is to do the required research individually. When investing hard earned money, individuals may want to make sure that the tip makes sense to them and they are not just buying on the whisper. 

Traders may use a variety of moving average indicators when examining a particular stock. Checking on some Exponential Moving Averages for Invesco China Technology ETF (:CQQQ), we note that the 200 day is 46.533806, the 100 day is 43.731613, and the 50 day is 42.95892. Zooming in closer, we note that the 30 day EMA is 43.136856, the 20 day is 43.372818, and the 10 day is noted at 43.628063.

Conducting technical analysis of the stock may include following the Keltner Channel indicator. A recent check shows the 20 day lower band at 42.446846 and the 20 day upper band at 44.298786 on shares of Invesco China Technology ETF (:CQQQ). During a clearly defined trend, a break above or below these levels may point to the underlying strength of the trend. A break above the upper band may signal continuing bullish trend strength, and a break below the lower band may signal continuing bearish trend strength.

The 20 day Chaikin Money Flow indicator is currently -0.10646782. This indicator was developed by Marc Chaikin who observed that the pressures of buying and selling could be figured out by where a period finishes relative to the range of highs and lows. 

The SMA or Simple Moving Average can be calculated for different time periods. The SMA helps smooth out volatility and makes it a bit less difficult to gauge the price trend of a stock. Let’s view some popular SMA levels below:

Simple Moving Average 20 day: 43.266014
Simple Moving Average 100 day: 42.925533
Simple Moving Average 10 day43.82595
Simple Moving Average 50 day: 42.780785
Simple Moving Average 30 day: 43.0376
Simple Moving Average 200 day: 46.632256

Investors will typically be keeping track of historical highs and lows for a particular stock that they are researching. Watching levels for Invesco China Technology ETF (:CQQQ, we can see that the all time high is currently 67.24, and the all time low is 18.25999. Let’s look at some alternate high/low price data:

Six month low: 37.6308
Six month high: 61.99
One year low: 37.6308
One year high: 66.9
Three month low: 37.6308
Three month high: 49.3
One month low: 40.05
One month high: 46.415

Investors tracking shares of Invesco China Technology ETF (:CQQQ) will note that since the stock opened at 42.75, shares have seen a change of 0.33. During that period, the stock has touched a low of 42.623 and tipped a high of 43.11. Volume on the day is presently 37218. 

Traders might be keeping tabs on the Hull Moving Average. The current HMA reading is 43.22558. Traders may use the HMA to help identify the prevalent market trend. This may also lend to spotting useful exit and entry points on the stock.

As investors survey the stock market, they will often look to make the smartest possible decisions when purchasing company shares. Individual investors may have to do a lot more work if they choose to manage their own stock portfolios. Serious investors often review every bit of information that they can get their hands on in order to develop even the slightest edge. Markets have the ability to move substantially in either direction with little or no notice. Investors who prepare themselves to battle the unknown may be able to better ride out stormy stock market conditions when they arise.